Capitalism kicks ass! Free markets generate jobs, create pathways out of poverty, and keep Michael Moore off of food stamps (a feat alone that saves taxpayers millions. Americans love capitalism. Only pot-smoking Marxists and flea-infested Occupy Wall Street types could oppose an economic system that has built the middle class and made the United States the richest nation ever to inhabit planet earth.

What Americans don’t love—loathe, in fact—are poseur capitalists who make millions by leveraging crony connections to pick taxpayers’ pockets.

Real capitalists don’t take bailouts, corporate welfare, or suck from the government contract teat. Instead, they get rich by providing goods and services that benefit us all. That’s good for them, good for us.

But all that good goes up in smoke when business and government hop in the sack together.

When cronyism collides with capitalism you get…Crapitalism.