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Another day, and another series of fantastic interviews with Jason Mattera. Full disclosure: Jason is the boss-man around here, as he publishes Daily Surge. But we’d all be just as pumped about his new book even if that wasn’t the case, because CRAPITALISM: Liberals Who Make Millions Swiping Your Tax Dollars, is one fantastic read.

Mattera has received an overwhelmingly positive response to his now-classic ambush with disgraced former I.R.S. chief Lois Lerner. But strangely, of all places, it was Fox News where he got the most push-back. On Wednesday, Bob Beckel of The Five basically threatened to kill the guy. I know that sounds hyperbolic, but I don’t know how else to describe an angry man who shouts, “You deserve to have your ass kicked” and “bring a knife” while he challenges a reporter to meet him “anytime, anyplace.” And that was on the heels of fellow Fox host Greg Gutfeld comparing Mattera to the sociopathic Travis Bickle character from Taxi Driver, as well as Stuttering John of The Howard Stern Show. Real classy, guys. For being offended by Jason’s bullying tactics, you sure sound like bullies yourselves.

Well the good news is that Mattera is NOT backing down. He sat down with Stuart Varney, who was the substitute host on Thursday’s Your World with Neil Cavuto, where he defended himself as well as the journalistic tactics he used against Lerner.

Bob Beckel apparently hasn’t paid attention to local news,” Jason said. “Beat reporters all around the country are constantly staking out politicians, they’re constantly staking out bureaucrats and trying to hold them accountable for corruption. So, what I did was nothing new; in fact, it happens every single day.”

Mattera continued. “Isn’t it the job of the press to be adversarial, certainly to corrupt bureaucrats? Here is a woman who is living large now on a six-figure government pension … nobody has sympathy for Lois Lerner. They think she should be hounded more with questions, not less.”

It would appear that the audience is on Jason’s side. CRAPITALISM currently has a perfect five-star rating on, and the book has been receiving rave reviews. You can get your copy here, and be sure to check out Mattera’s latest encounter with another “crapitalist” named Harry Reid here.