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The CRAPITALISM book tour is in full effect, and author Jason Mattera landed on The Mark Levin Show for a great chat on Thursday night. You’ll enjoy this radio interview, since it’s far more in depth than some of Jason’s TV hits were allowed to get. In it, they discuss Mattera’s Lois Lerner ambush interview (of course), as well as his new video in which one of Harry Reid’s staffers pins him against a wall simply for asking questions.

But what you’ll probably be most interested in is Mark and Jason’s exchange about the nature of modern journalism, and how it seems like everyone in the media would rather be a lap-dog these days than follow in the footsteps of aggressive interviewers like Mike Wallace of 60 Minutes.

This isn’t an episode of Downton Abbey,” said Mattera. “We are fighting for the direction of the country … etiquette goes out the door when you’re dealing with someone at the I.R.S. who is harassing private citizens based on their political beliefs.”

They also touched upon the hypocrisy of certain names at Fox News who have criticized Jason’s style, yet behave in much the same way during their own taped segments. Oh yeah, and Bob Beckel still hasn’t responded to Mattera’s counter-challenge. Who’s the “punk” now?

It’s another fascinating listen that’s definitely worth 11 minutes of your day. Levin hailed CRAPITALISM as both “outstanding” and “substantive.” You can pick up your copy here.