o one is safe from Mattera’s hard-hitting, meticulously reported, and genuinely funny investigative journalism. CRAPITALISM blows the lid off crony capitalism.

— Monica Crowley



attera names names—and frauds, schemes, and grifters to boot. Enjoy CRAPITALISM because its subjects won’t.

— Hugh Hewitt


About Jason Mattera

JASON MATTERA is the author of the New York Times bestsellers Obama Zombies and Hollywood Hypocrites. He served as the youngest editor of a national periodical, Human Events, and as a broadcaster with the legendary news talk radio 77 WABC in New York City. His “ambush interviews” of top liberals, including Vice President Joe Biden, comedian Chris Rock, and Hillary Clinton, have become Internet legends. Ann Coulter crowned Mattera a “national treasure,” Michelle Malkin says his work is a “heat-seeking missile aimed at the Cult of Obama,” and POLITICO named him Washington D.C.’s “bad boy reporter.” He is the publisher of the conservative watchdog site Daily Surge.

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Lois Lerner tries barging into neighbor’s house to avoid questions

Lois Lerner tries barging into neighbor’s house to avoid questions

Courtesy of Daily Surge…  Lois Lerner attempted to bust into a neighbor’s home uninvited, in a desperate attempt to avoid answering questions about her involvement in the targeting of conservative groups. Jason Mattera, author of the explosive new book CRAPITALISM: Liberals Who Make Millions Swiping Your Tax Dollars, recently caught up with the disgraced former IRS official in her ritzy neighborhood outside Washington, D.C. Mattera, who publishes the Daily Surge, asked Lerner if she had any regrets for her role in the ongoing IRS corruption case, and if she wanted to take the opportunity to give a genuine apology to conservatives for using the force of government to harass and single them out. But, similar to her testimony before Congress where she pleaded the fifth, Lerner didn’t show any remorse, and, on a more latent level, showed her disregard to people’s privacy rights in general. In the video above, you can see Lerner fleeing from Mattera as she rushes through what appears to be a random person’s front yard. “Could you call the police?” Lerner begs an elderly woman, while pounding on her door. “Please let me in. These guys are with the press and they’re not leaving me alone.” The elderly woman is heard telling Lerner that she just had surgery and was in no position physically to let her in the house. But that didn’t stop Lerner. She implores that same elderly woman to open up her garage instead. “It’s almost a perfect proxy for her actions in the targeting scandal,” Mattera said. “She keeps badgering an innocent woman with zero regard for her wishes. It’s an... read more
Harry Reid’s Bodyguard Physically Attacks “Crapitalism” Author Jason Mattera

Harry Reid’s Bodyguard Physically Attacks “Crapitalism” Author Jason Mattera

Courtesy of Daily Surge…  One of Harry Reid’s bodyguards accosted a conservative journalist for asking a few basic questions about the Senate Majority Leader’s wealth. Jason Mattera, author of the explosive new book CRAPITALISM: Liberals Who Make Millions Swiping Your Tax Dollars, recently caught up with Reid and asked him, “How did you become so rich working in government?” The senator refused to answer. Mattera, who publishes Daily Surge, followed up. “How does someone on a government salary most of their career accumulate your type of wealth?” Still, there was no answer from Reid. Suddenly, one of the Majority Leader’s bodyguards intervened. “Are you press?” he asked, before shoving Mattera and then pinning him against a wall. “What are you doing holding me up like that?” Mattera asked the bodyguard. After the author identified himself as a member of the press, the bodyguard retorted, “I don’t care if you’re press or not.” The man refused to give Mattera his name. Mattera wrote CRAPITALISM, he has stated, in order to expose the Left’s phony lies and hypocrisy of claiming to stand up for the little guy, but trampling on them every chance they get. Querying how the United States Senate’s number one Democrat accumulated his wealth, he believes, falls under that category. Harry Reid has spent many hours on the Senate floor decrying the undue influence that the billionaire Koch brothers have had on Republican political campaigns, but there have been many questions raised about Reid’s own use of political power to enrich himself and his family. With a net worth as high as $6.7 million — and living arrangements that include permanent accommodations at the Ritz-Carlton... read more
Nancy Pelosi Gets Strangely Silent After Asked About Her Crony Connection To Tom Steyer

Nancy Pelosi Gets Strangely Silent After Asked About Her Crony Connection To Tom Steyer

Courtesy of Daily Surge… House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) became uncharacteristically quiet after she was asked about her crony connection to Democratic mega-donor Tom Steyer. Jason Mattera, author of the explosive new book CRAPITALISM: Liberals Who Make Millions Swiping Your Tax Dollars, recently caught up with Pelosi and questioned her about a San Francisco subway project that she steered $1B in taxpayer funds to. That particular project lined the pockets of Mr. Steyer — a fact that the Minority Leader has never publicly disclosed. “Did you secure a billion dollars for San Francisco’s light rail project knowing it would benefit Tom Steyer’s investment?” Mattera asked her. “I know your deal. You asked for the autograph…” Pelosi babbled, before quickly running into an elevator. It was roughly ten years ago that Steyer starting buying up real estate in San Francisco’s rundown neighborhood of Mission Bay. The federal funds Pelosi locked down for infrastructure projects have helped Mission Bay experience some of the fastest growing property values in all of San Francisco. Much like Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), Nancy Pelosi has made the billionaire Koch brothers a prominent fixture in her frequent public remarks against Republicans. But given her connection to Tom Steyer, Mattera believes a double standard is clearly at play. He wrote CRAPITALISM, he has explained, in order to expose the Left’s phony lies and hypocrisy of claiming to stand up for the little guy, but trampling on them every chance they get. In fact, Pelosi’s pal Tom Steyer has his own chapter in the book. One week after his elevator encounter with the California Democrat, Mattera caught up with Pelosi a second time, prior... read more


Mark Levin: CRAPITALISM ‘Outstanding, Substantive Book’

Mark Levin: CRAPITALISM ‘Outstanding, Substantive Book’

Courtesy of Daily Surge…  The CRAPITALISM book tour is in full effect, and author Jason Mattera landed on The Mark Levin Show for a great chat on Thursday night. You’ll enjoy this radio interview, since it’s far more in depth than some of Jason’s TV hits were allowed to get. In it, they discuss Mattera’s Lois Lerner ambush interview (of course), as well as his new video in which one of Harry Reid’s staffers pins him against a wall simply for asking questions. But what you’ll probably be most interested in is Mark and Jason’s exchange about the nature of modern journalism, and how it seems like everyone in the media would rather be a lap-dog these days than follow in the footsteps of aggressive interviewers like Mike Wallace of 60 Minutes. “This isn’t an episode of Downton Abbey,” said Mattera. “We are fighting for the direction of the country … etiquette goes out the door when you’re dealing with someone at the I.R.S. who is harassing private citizens based on their political beliefs.” They also touched upon the hypocrisy of certain names at Fox News who have criticized Jason’s style, yet behave in much the same way during their own taped segments. Oh yeah, and Bob Beckel still hasn’t responded to Mattera’s counter-challenge. Who’s the “punk” now? It’s another fascinating listen that’s definitely worth 11 minutes of your day. Levin hailed CRAPITALISM as both “outstanding” and “substantive.” You can pick up your... read more
Mike Gallagher Interviews the “Tough, Gutsy Guy” Named Jason Mattera

Mike Gallagher Interviews the “Tough, Gutsy Guy” Named Jason Mattera

Courtesy of Daily Surge…  The CRAPITALISM tour rolls along! Today, Jason Mattera spent some time on The Mike Gallagher Show to discuss his new book, as well as the lame negative feedback he’s been getting from the likes of Greg Gutfeld and Bob Beckel over at Fox News. “May I begin this conversation with an apology on behalf of my wimpy colleagues who somehow think that your tactics were tacky?” asked Gallagher. As Mattera pointed out, there hasn’t been a whole lot of push-back at all regarding his so-called “ambush interviews” with crapitalists like Lois Lerner and Harry Reid. The criticism, rather, has come from a small group of voices that just don’t get it. “You have some people here and there … I have zero tolerance for this,” Jason explained. “When the I.R.S. is used as a weapon to go ahead and try to crush political dissent in an election year, what, are we just supposed to sit there and take it?” Mattera went on to blast those few dissenting voices who claim he hasn’t been “persuasive” with his journalistic tactics. “Sorry, I don’t need to be persuasive; Lois Lerner needs to persuade us that she’s not a criminal … sorry, nice goes out the window. And by the way, the Left doesn’t play nice.” Jason pointed out that it was Lerner herself who referred to conservatives as “terrorists,” “crazies,” and a**holes.” “I really don’t understand the wimp factor,” remarked Gallagher. “And these are my friends — Greg Gutfeld’s a buddy of mine.” Mattera dismissed the criticism as silly and said that the next time he needs advice on viral cat... read more
7 Explosive Revelations From CRAPITALISM

7 Explosive Revelations From CRAPITALISM

Courtesy of Daily Surge…  By now you’ve seen myriad videos involving Daily Surge publisher Jason Mattera taking on Lois Lerner, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and even venture “Crapitalist” and green-energy billionaire Vinod Kholsa. Those videos have been part of Mattera’s rollout for his brand-new book, CRAPITALISM: Liberals Who Make Millions Swiping Your Tax Dollars. CRAPITALISM features 27 chapters on 27 different cronies who turn their political access into crony-fueled profit. The book has been barely out a week and Mark Levin has already hailed it as “outstanding” and “substantive,”  urging his radio audience to grab copies fast. But rather than go through all 27 names (you should do that yourself!), here are 7 explosive revelations from CRAPITALISM that will leave you mad as hell. Got an alcoholic beverage ready? Maxine Waters As Mattera writes, Rep. Maxine Waters of Los Angeles has carved out a reputation “as the congressional equivalent of your kooky uncle and the most ridiculous cast member from one of those ‘Real House’ of Crazytown shows.” But in reality, he notes, Waters figured out a way to hitch a ride on the American taxpayer and bring her family along for the ride.  In order to be featured in one of her election mailers, you gotta cough over big bucks. In fact, because Maxine issues endorsements via a mailer, there isn’t a contribution cap as there is with a traditional political donation. So who runs the mailer? That would be her daughter, Karen, who’s raked in hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years as a result. Then there’s Maxine’s grandson, who was her longtime chief of staff (nah, no cronyism... read more


devastating investigation that rips the mask off the people who sold Obama to America – radical Hollywood.

— Mark Levin


est-selling Brooklyn bruiser Jason Mattera unleashes a barrage of body blows to Hollywood’s holier-than-thou limousine liberals that may make them think twice next time they open their pretty mouths.

— the late Andrew Breitbart


ozing with juicy details.


— US News & World Report



iercing, eye-opening, and deliciously witty, Obama Zombies is required reading for an entire generation who have been sold liberal lies.

— Ann Coulter


xplosive, devastating, and rib-crackingly hilarious, Obama Zombies is a must-read for every citizen who cares about protecting freedom for future generations of America. If you know an Obama Zombie who needs awakening, buy this book now!

— Michelle Malkin


attera seems to have been born with a special talent for driving liberals nuts.

— The American Spectator